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Testing a new breast pump concept

A collaboration with Elvie to research and validate a disruptive new concept in breast pumps

Following on from the success of Elvie Trainer, an award-winning Kegel exerciser that connects to an app to help women strengthen their pelvic floors, Elvie's next product would also be aimed at mothers: Elvie Pump, the world's first silent wearable breast pump, which launched in October 2018.

The breast pump market had been dominated by poorly designed and cumbersome products that often make women feel like they are being milked “like a cow”. Furthermore, there is no sensitivity in the designs to women's busy working lifestyles.

Elvie came up with a new concept for a silent wearable pump that would sit in the bra and allow women to pump whilst they go about their everyday lives, providing unprecedented freedom and mobility to expressing mothers.

Zinc was hired during the product concept development process to help them carry out research with their target market, validate the concept with users, and develop insights that could feed into the development of the product features.

We conducted a range of interviews with UK mothers who had recently been using breast pumps to get their vital input on the concept of the pump up to that point, covering everything from the form factor to the user experience.

We led the entire process from recruiting a range of mothers to synthesising the information to define the key insights

With each mother, we needed to understand how the Elvie concept compared to their previous experiences, and we documented all the key learnings

Discussion guide and stimuli development
One-on-One user interviews
Expert interviews
Synthesis workshops
Insight report

We distilled all our findings into a comprehensive insights report with final recommendations on the  further design & development of the product.

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