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Controlling the Connected Home
Digital Physical

A collaboration with Tyba to design the User Interface for an innovative Smart Home device

Turn is a new type of control mechanism for lighting, temperature, curtains and blinds. It combines the ergonomics of an analogue dial with a digital user interface

Turn is installed on a wall like a light switch and the dial is manually turned to adjust the different settings of each functionality. 

The screen is swiped to change from one functionality to another, whilst also providing digital feedback on settings and the dial positioning. The user experience is based on elegant bold icons and a feedback dial for the manual turning of the device. 

We also designed signature animations and transitions to give it some visual magic.

Exploration of dynamic animations

Exploration of transitions & behaviors

Exploration of UI in colour

Defining the UI structure

Defining the UI structure

Defining the UI & UX sequences

Different variants of final product

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