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Crowdsourcing the tapestry of life

We worked with a New York entrepreneur to design a new type of digital storytelling platform

The new way to read, write,
and share stories

A platform for family trees and communities to create private journals

Discovering & connecting through historical experiences based on location and time

Tapestry was conceived by a gentleman in New York who had his own amazing moment of serendipity. He met someone by chance for the first time in New York who turned out to be instrumental in his escape from the holocaust in Poland. It was that fortuitous coming together that prompted him to think about how we could enable those meetings to happen more often. Hence, the idea of Tapestry was born.

We collaborated with him to completely design and develop the platform including the name, the branding and the domain: Tapestry.Life
The beta version is about to be launched.

Early concepts for the Tapestry brand

Refinement and development of the chosen brand direction