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Digitising 3D food printing

A collaboration with Natural Machines to rethink and design their digital customer experience

We were hired by Natural Machines to define, design, and co-develop a new digital customer experience across their website, global e-commerce platform and the touch based user interface for their cutting edge 3D food printing kitchen appliances

Natural Machines has been leading the way in 3D printing of food for some time. Their innovative product - Foodini - enables the printing of fresh food and ingredients into incredible shapes and forms, bringing a whole new paradigm of creative capabilities and speed to food preparation.

With the growth of their business taking hold, they needed a world-class consistent user experience across all touch points and a 'look and feel' that really highlighted a key attribute: the use of fresh healthy ingredients. 

The first part of the new customer journey to go live is the global website and e-commerce platform that works across multiple languages and currencies. We designed and co-developed (with Natural Machines) the entire experience, ensuring a visually striking, yet super simple journey for the user.

Foodini is all about preparing healthy natural food in innovative creative new ways, combining the best of technology and nature

The website, e-commerce platform, and the UI of the Foodini device (coming soon) have been designed with a consistent simple user experience and striking 'look & feel'

The website has been designed with lot of white space interspersed with bright colours of the fresh ingredients and images. We carried out our own photo shoot to ensure original beautiful imagery throughout the site

We developed the front end and back end of the website and co-developed (with Natural Machines) the global e-commerce platform and integration

Taglines & brand tone of voice

Product and kitchen photography

Process and mental model description

Floating images, typography and visual elements

Technical specifications and diagrams

Style guides and templates

UX Work flow options

Diagrams, icons and illustrations