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Solving a common health issue with a wearable system
Digital Physical Insights

A collaboration with Lifesense to design a wearable system for women - Carin - to help solve Urinary Incontinence

We designed the sensor device and mobile application, and Lifesense designed a special underwear for the system

The sensor device discreetly integrates into the underwear to track urine leakage.


We designed the sleekest possible waterproof sensor device that fits into the pocket in the underwear to track urine leakage. 


The absorbent pad in the underwear has been specially designed with bamboo, and the lace is interwoven with an inductive thread that tracks leakage.


There is no need for batteries because we designed a sleek little cradle charging unit for the sensor when it is not in use. 

Strengthening the pelvis through exercise…

Women can generally solve the issue by exercising their pelvic muscles over time but they rarely stay disciplined enough to reach their goal, mainly because it is too difficult to observe any progress over an extensive exercise program. Through the Lifesense application, they can now track progress and access a coaching system with instructional & inspirational exercise videos

We designed the mobile application that tracks progress and connects to the videos

The App we designed and developed (iOS & Android) has certain key features:

It tracks numbers of leakage ‘events’ over different time periods, enabling women to see clear progress from their exercise program.
It connects to the video library which provides detailed guidance of the specific exercises they should practice.

Types of beverage can be manually input in order to monitor correlations with problematic drinks

We created simple elegant branding for Lifesense, a company focused on female health

We combined simplicity of the brand with a striking colour palette

The logo was inspired by the combination of science, nature and the shape of the device

The brand forms the basis of a consistent look & feel visual across web and mobile