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Innovating in kitchenware for USA
Physical Insights

A collaboration with global kitchenware brand - Lékué - to conceive and design three new kitchenware products for the US market

After carrying out research in the US, we arrived at three innovations for cooking corn, poaching eggs and storing food for 'on the go' contexts

Corn on the cob is a US favourite yet there was no easy solution for cooking & serving it

Research showed there was an opportunity to create a much better utensil for poaching eggs

The mesh vessel enables excess water to be drained before and after cooking, resulting in perfect eggs

In today's 'on the go' world, people increasingly want to travel with home prepared food

We designed containers with separate compartments inside, ideal for dishes like 'parfait' or pre-prepared salads & dressing

Early concept sketches

Form exploration studies of the Jar-to-go

Various 3D CAD models exploring detailed function, fit and form

Product Briefs give highlights of the research and set the initial direction

Research summaries help the design team understand the WHY so they can create the HOW

Momit Bevel