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Redesigning the kitchen experience
Physical Insights

We began a long term innovation partnership with kitchenware brand - Lékué - to design new products for today's diversified styles of cuisine

The maraca styled dressing shaker is one of the first products that emerged

We designed other products around shaking and blending 

Crepes and pancakes are some of the popular home dishes we designed for

We created a range of products around measuring and mixing

Bowls and simple measuring tools are especially useful for baking at home

We designed simple essential tools and innovative fun utensils that cater for today's new cooking styles

Some tools are for generic cooking, whilst others are designed for specific dishes like homemade pizzas

Product sketching to explore ideas, function and form

Loose sketches generated in a client workshop with the Lékué team

Ideate, Create and Test… Learn… then repeat!

Multiple iterations of ideas and prototypes to perfect the ergonomics, function and form

Always looking at the larger design system to create strong signature elements