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Solving the password problem
Physical Insights

We collaborated with a US startup to design Jem, a biometric authentification device to solve the password problem

Jem is a sleek device that stores all your passwords so you can enter any of your web accounts with one click of your fingerprint 

We designed a module device along with a charging cradle and different attachable accessories to make it easy to carry at all times. It could be used as a key ring or easily attached to a bag or an item of clothing

All your passwords can be set up and managed in a secure encrypted software vault on your device, eliminating the potential of being hacked through internet connectivity

The entire device is designed and built to optimise security from the ground up

Biometric security

Integrated into Jem is one of the leading biometric solutions on the market with an outstanding security record.

End to end encryption

The entire system has been designed and built with end to end encryption across both hardware and software.

Jem can go with you wherever you go

Jem can go with you wherever you go

Jem fits with your lifestyle

Jem can go with you wherever you go

Detailed device design and development

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