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Detecting microbes early
Digital Physical Insights

A collaboration with EzLab Systems to rethink how we detect dangerous environmental pathogens instantly on location

EzLab combines the power of precise & robust optical equipment, image recognition, mobile communications and Artificial Intelligence to detect dangerous microbes faster and easier than ever before

The spread of dangerous microbes invisible to the human eye is one of the greatest challenges we face. We have an epidemic of 'superbugs' in hospitals globally, our precious food & water supply chains need constant monitoring for contamination, disease outbreaks are extremely challenging, and biological weapons are some of the most feared weapons out there, precisely because they are so hard to track and contain.

A major part of the problem until now has been the slow inefficient way of trying to detect pathogens in the environment. Samples need to be sent to laboratories for testing, which would take days at a minimum for results.

We collaborated with EzLab Systems to revolutionise this process, making it possible to diagnose with over 90% accuracy in just a few minutes. Integrating EzLab's Artificial Intelligence (neural network), we designed the entire system including the hardware, the App, the digital dashboard and the branding. We have proven and tested with three key bacteria so far, but many more will be added over time.

EzLab System Components

SmartPhone APP

The mobile application provides step by step instructions for taking the sample and then connects with the neural network for the image recognition process. The analysis takes no more than 3 minutes. 

Field Microscope

The microscope has been designed to be robust enough to function in all types of contexts including military war zones and simple enough to be operated by anyone just using the App for operating instructions.

Neural Network

In order to build the image database for the image recognition process of the microbes, EzLab Systems developed their own neural network, a form of Artificial Intelligence that enables the 90+% accuracy of the identification process.


The online dashboard enables each EzLab user to have all the information around their different tests laid out and visualised in a really clear way. The user experience has been thought through in granular detail.

How it works...

EzLab enables anyone to perform microbiology tests outside the laboratory in location. Hospitals, food production facilities and military conflict zones are some of the obvious contexts where the system can be incredibly useful

The EzLab Dashboard

The EzLab web dashboard is where all the tests can be easily logged, visualised and managed by those using the EzLab system. 

Optimised EzLab field kit

The kit comes with all the necessary accessories for collecting, preparing & testing samples in accordance with standard microbiology tests.

Design of the EzLab Brand and all branded touch points

Detailed design & development of all sub-systems, including light-path, electronics, controls and housing

Multiple rounds of prototyping & testing of the functionality and the user experience

User and Expert interviews to uncover what really matter

Building out the entire UX (User Experience) to be as simple and clear as possible