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Reducing stress during pregnancy
Digital Physical Insights

We worked with Bloomlife to conceive & design a wearable system for pregnancy

If Bloomlife can gain widespread adoption by eliminating stressful guesswork in pregnancy, they could crowdsource crucial data and insights on prenatal health and the the epidemic in preterm births. We designed the original sensor, mobile application and branding

The client's initial vision was to cater for all stages of pregnancy, with the sensor device able to generate different data, depending on where it is worn: on the belly, the wrist or the chest, but it was the data around contractions that would become their primary focus.

We designed an intuitive app that clearly visualised relevant data

User research and concept evaluation sessions with pregnant women and care experts.

Synthesis workshops to define the user, technology and business insights that drive the design of the system.

Holistic hardware, software and service concepts that address real unmet needs.

Developing a distinctive brand upon a strong foundation.

Design and development of the mobile application.

Ergonomic design and development of the wearable hardware.

A compelling and holistic solution that will bring clarity, comfort and confidence.