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Taking comfort wherever you go
Digital Physical

We worked with the growing IoT brand - Momit - to design a new Smart Thermostat for the home: Momit Bevel

With a detachable display unit, our unique design gives the user more flexibility to optimise their comfort wherever they are in the home 

The detachable display unit is all about a better user experience

The device can be controlled by the mobile App which enables another range of 'Smart' features. With 'Geolocation', the user can either control from outside the home or allow automatic operation based on location. With 'My Budget', the user can set a fixed amount and the device will optimise how it works according to user's behaviours and budget.

Early concept sketches showing variations on how to separate the 2 devices

An alternate design showing possible form and materials

Many prototypes of the chosen design during development

Detailed 3D CAD assembly in preparation for production

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