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Inspiring a new brand for menopause

A collaboration with Become to research and frame a new innovation opportunity around menopause

We were hired by the team behind Become to help them frame the innovation opportunity around their apparel solutions for menopause. Through a combination of research, testing and analysis of the market, we recommended a clear direction that resulted in the launch of a fresh new brand for this market called ‘Become’.

With their innovative textile technology, the Become team had a hypothesis that they could help alleviate some key symptoms like hot flushes and night sweats, but they needed validation and clarity about what kind of apparel would be relevant / desirable and how should they target their potential customers. 

We conducted a series of 1-to-1 interviews and focus groups with menopausal women in London, providing clear insights and recommendations about the opportunity. We also tested the first prototype, getting women to keep journals over time about their experience. We provided a comprehensive insights report with clear recommendations on the 'go to market' strategy.

Despite many women being apprehensive about a brand that explicitly caters for menopause, this was clearly stemming from it being a taboo subject historically. We recommended breaking the taboo with a brand that’s explicit about its market and the solutions it's providing.

The end result is a fresh new proposition and brand, breaking taboos, and helping menopausal women by providing relief with innovative textile technology in the form of Anti-Flush vests, camis and knickers.

One-on-One user interviews

User focus groups

Expert interviews

Technology research

Prototype testing

Competitive landscape analysis

Synthesis workshops

Insight report

We provided a detailed report that highlighted all the major insights, and we outlined clear recommendations on how to leverage the opportunity

Asset Mapping