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Optimising the built environment
Digital Insights

A collaboration with Asset Mapping to define and implement a new digital & brand strategy

Strategic design of a 'Smart Buildings' digital platform and website unified by a unique distinctive brand

Asset Mapping's primary value proposition is centred round a comprehensive digital platform to enable owners / managers of large buildings to optimise efficiencies across a whole range of assets in any given building. 

Developed over a number of years, the platform comes with an enormous amount of functionalities and features, which in turn lends itself to some complexity.

We were hired to rethink and redesign the entire UI of the platform with a simplified user experience normally associated with consumer applications. Simplicity and intuitive usability would be crucial to the success of such a comprehensive product. (New UI will be deployed over time).

As part of the strategic vision to create a world-class company & proposition, we also developed a new brand strategy and designed a fresh clean website.

The new style of the UI / UX is a consumer level experience designed and built for commercial purposes

The brand imagery and visual style of the UI have been designed to create a consistent look & feel across all touch points

So many aspects of the platform had to be considered: the overall mental model of how to navigate so many functionalities, the many customised data visualisations, dashboards & reports based on live and historical data and detailed rules and alerts

As the company grows into different areas, we had to think about different types of users across a range of different areas: Facilities Managers, Engineers, Farmers, and others

Diagrams and info-graphics are essential to communicate complex systems and functionality

New brand book and brand guidelines

Strategic brand messaging and detailed look & feel

Brand messaging that can adapt to the breadth of AM customers