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What's up, Zinc?
- Feb 2019 -

Summarising some of the latest and greatest things happening at Zinc

There's always so much happening at Zinc and people are surprised when they hear about how many things we are up to. We rarely get the chance to talk about them, especially as so much of our work is confidential, but we decided we could provide a little more visibility into what we are doing from time to this will be the first of a regular blog summarising some of the latest & greatest stuff that we are up to.

Helping a major international airport become more efficient

We are working with one of the most innovative airports in the world to help them improve efficiencies across the many players within the airport ecosystem. By combining technology and our expertise in user experience and digital design, they believe we can make a big impact over time.

Inventing a new liquid dispensing & refill system to reduce plastic waste

We are working with a UK company to rethink and design how we dispense and refill liquids, ranging from drinks to cleaning detergents. This could be a game watch this space!

Designing a new digital experience for female health & lifestyle

We are collaborating with a successful female entrepreneur who already has a large following in the global Spanish speaking market. Now she is looking to enhance the whole experience by building a global community of like-minded people through a new brand, mobile app, and website.

Design & innovation support for a global communications agency

We are starting a new relationship in which we will help a global health-focused communications agency (and their clients) with on-going innovation strategy, concept design & prototyping.

Designing a 'smart' physiotherapy kit / digital platform

We are in the final stages of designing a physiotherapy kit integrated with sensors to provide a smart system for physiotherapists and their clients. We already designed the UX / UI of the digital platform.

These are just some of the exciting projects happening at Zinc right now. Watch this space for further updates on these projects and new ones!

Designing the future of mobility