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Zinc designers go OFFF!
- jun. 2018 -

OFFF has become one of the great events globally that combines Art, Design and Technology, so two of Zinc’s designers, Sofia Majan and Annamaria Greco, went to explore the action…

From 24 to 26 May, a total of 98 speakers made the Disseny Hub and the city of Barcelona the epicentre of design and creativity worldwide. The event started with Mathery and their “The Artist Room”. Inspired by the four letters that makes the OFFF festival's name, it told the story of Oliver, Frida, Federica and Fiona and their artistic lives. Here is the complete video

There was an eclectic mix of things happening at once, with some interesting themes emerging. At one point in the same space we had a designer from Facebook giving a talk, a mix of different ‘creatives’ modelling a virtual stage on Macbooks, and people demonstrating the potential uses of electronic tattoos. Even product design is going through its own digital transformation at OFFF.

Another strong theme that came through the event was the challenges that we face as creative people. From the Facebook designer’s talk that highlighted how designers are condemned to think like engineers, to more emotional ones like the Illustrator Malika Favre , who spoke openly about her difficulties as a creative person, there is an eternal conflict that we all struggle with as creative professionals. 

In our case, it is the balance between the time we dedicate to clients versus the time we dedicate to personal projects and the happiness that both things provide us at the end.

Meanwhile, Adobe – being the main sponsor of the event - led different workshops in the corridors: illustration, mobile photography, digital painting and stock. The company was promoting the Artificial Intelligence functionalities applied to image retouching through its Creative Cloud program. 

 The festival itself gave Elisava, the renowned Design & Engineering School in Barcelona, the opportunity to demonstrate their electronic tattoo concept. It is a pioneering pilot project centred around epidermal technology, by which the tattoo facilitates access to premises, electronic payments or the management of personal data thanks to a safe and integrated system on the body. Bravo to Jessica Fernandez and the whole team for the project! 

Querida and Amigo Total, well known Barcelona studios (graphic and audiovisual) provided a local touch (along with others) by presenting their brilliant projects, well known to the city of Barcelona. We got to see Amigo Total’s campaign for the Mira festival in recent years, as well as Querida’s editorial design for Solange’s album “A seat of the table”. Congrats to them both!

We were impressed also by the work presented by 1stavemachine  showing their Samsung Holiday Dreams campaign and the ‘OKGo - The Writing's On the Wal’l video clip, with all the difficulties of both projects during the shooting and creation process. (Pretty funny entertainment talk with lots of volunteers on the stage trying to metaphorically show that complexity)

Until the very last minute of Saturday evening, with the final of the Champion's League going on outside, more than 2000 people in the main conference room chanted the song of Stefan Sagmeister, director of the “Happy Film” movie, in one of his shows, that again not only highlighted him as a great designer but also an entertainment man.

Another great event. From Zinc, a big thank you…it was an honour to be there again and we look forward to next year’s OFFF!

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