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Partnering With Global IoT Accelerator - Brinc
- feb. 2018 -

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with the global IoT Accelerator, Brinc.

Zinc will now be a design partner for Brinc, so all the startups that go through their program from around the world will now benefit by having access to Zinc’s design expertise at favourable rates.

We will be plugging in under Brinc Make which focuses on helping founders make their products through full management of the entire product development lifecycle & supply chain.  Brinc is quite different to most accelerators, with one of the key value propositions being their direct help with the hardware manufacturing and a truly global program run online & offline.

As they have been operating in Hong Kong and China for years, they have relationships with 100s of reputable manufacturers, and provide opportunities for their global startups to visit Hong Kong and meet Chinese factories that can help them with the R&D and mass production of their products. Brinc has HUBs in Hong Kong, Guangzhou (China), Bahrain & Barcelona with Poland and a few additional locations opening soon. Barcelona will be their testing HUB for robotics and drones.  

With Zinc being so active in designing for our new connected world – both across physical and digital – we are a natural fit for a global accelerator like Brinc that is focused exclusively on connected products & businesses. We will also be referring startups we know to the Brinc program.  
We are excited to start working with Brinc and collaborating with some of the world’s best IoT startups!

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