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Introducing Jem...
- feb. 2018 -

We are really excited by the launch of Jem, a new product we have been working on with a US startup over the last couple of years.

Jem, a biometric authentification device that solves the problem of password storage and recollection, is officially going public for the first time at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today.

Jem is a sleek device with a fingerprint reader that will store all your passwords in an encrypted software vault – not in the cloud – and enables you to access any of your chosen online accounts with one click of your fingerprint.

The more digital our lives become, the bigger the problem when it comes to online security. Using the same passwords across multiple accounts is a dangerous strategy, likewise using simple passwords that are easy for hackers to figure out. However, trying to manage multiple complex passwords across different accounts is extremely difficult.

Well it was….until now.

Jem solves that problem and enables you to create more complex passwords because you never need to remember them. 

We did the full design of the device, collaborating with US startup, The Payments Foundry. Our client had the vision for the product and was ultimately responsible for the technology and security, whilst we were responsible for the design, user experience, and the accessories that make it such an easy companion device to carry with you at all times.

Jem will also be doing a full crowdfunding campaign soon, so go to to get informed.

Full case study available here.

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