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Elvie keeps innovating for women
- oct. 2018 -

In the last couple of weeks, breast feeding mothers everywhere have been celebrating a birth relevant to all of them...the birth of the Elvie wearable breast pump.

Following on the success of the first Elvie product - the kegel trainer aimed at mothers  wanting to strengthen their pelvic floors after birth - this next product is even more innovative and disruptive from our perspective.

As we found out at Zinc when we collaborated with Elvie during their product development process to help them do some research and testing around form factors and user experience of the pump, this is a market that desperately needed disrupting. The most commonly used breast pumps out there are really quite inhumane. "Feel like a cow being milked" was common feedback. Furthermore, they are inconvenient and noisy to use.

Elvie's new silent wearable pump - that sits in the bra - means mothers can keep doing other things while they are producing and collecting milk, and it's discreet enough to be worn in any context without offending even the most conservative of people. In fact, most people wouldn't even know.

We have no doubt the product will go on to be a big success. A great concept...but also brilliantly executed. We know all about the rigorous development path this product went through in terms of engineering and testing...

We remember first meeting the Founder / CEO of the company, Tania Boler, and her colleague in Munich about 3.5 years ago on the way to the major Wearable Technologies conference. We were on our way to do a joint presentation with Bloomlife, the wearable system for pregnancy we worked on together, and Tania was going to give a talk about Elvie Kegel trainer that was soon to be released in the market.

When they told us how many times they had tested the product throughout the journey, both in terms of engineering and user experience, we knew these guys were taking product quality really seriously. Very refreshing. Unfortunately too many startups try to cut corners when it comes to hardware, and pay for it.

We're proud at Zinc to have contributed to the development of Elvie wearable pump, and excited by the difference it can make to mothers everywhere.

We will be following up with a full case study soon about our collaboration.

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