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Designing healthcare devices that people love!
- abr. 2018 -

CoFounder of Zinc, Graham Rittener, is looking forward to speaking on the ‘Digital Healthcare’ stage at the big Innovation event – IdTechEx - in Berlin on 11th and 12th April. 

With Zinc having done a lot of work in consumer healthcare, Graham will be speaking about  ‘Designing healthcare devices that people love’.
There will be four main points that he will be delving into and using examples to illustrate:

Beyond the User

The importance of not just immersing yourself in the primary user’s world to design for their needs, but to really understand other potential users / partners and the contexts of each of those use cases. To illustrate, will use our work with Bloomlife, the wearable for pregnancy.

Get the product / tech right

Consumers have high expectations when it comes to healthcare, it’s not good enough to cut corners and have semi-functioning MVP’s. We believe healthcare demands a higher level of product with accurate data. To illustrate, will use our work with Ezlab, soon to be launched.

Integrate healthcare services 

This will not always be applicable but if there is a way to design a system, not just a product, that integrates healthcare services, so that you’re creating a better system of care for both healthcare practitioners and patients. To illustrate, will use our work with Dycare, the Smart rehabilitation system.

Design an App that’s useful 

Apps can make devices come to life if they are designed in the right way and go beyond simple data visualisation. Think about how the data from the device can be useful and tangible in the real world, leveraging AI and real time location data. Think about complementary partners that can bring additional useful services, as well as texture and engagement.  To illustrate, will use our work with iBreve and the vision going forward.

It should be a great event with so many amazing innovations out there. We look forward to sharing our experiences but we’re also really excited to learn from others!

Zinc participates in Wearable Technology Show