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Designing for engagement & behaviour change
- may. 2018 -

Zinc was asked by the major health tech innovation conference, Health 2.0, to run a large workshop at their HIMSS event on the subject of how to create patient engagement and behaviour change through design.

Cofounder of Zinc, Blake McEldowney, ran a 4 hour workshop with about 50 people from the healthcare industry which included a presentation and two breakout sessions:

Engaging patients / consumers always begins with having a product or service that is relevant, useful, valuable and easy for the end user. That’s why, before we think about engaging people to behave in certain ways with additional tools or services, it is crucial to get the basic fundamentals right.

That means, really defining and designing the core use cases with a precision focus on what the user wants or needs. This also requires understanding different contexts and the potential of multiple users in any given scenario.

With the core use cases properly catered for, then we can think about additional ways of motivating people to behave in certain ways, especially if we are requiring them to make changes to their normal routines.

This requires some understanding of key psychological elements like mental barriers and emotional triggers that influence how people behave in given contexts. This can then lead to the integration of tools like ‘Gamification’, ‘Community’, or 'Expert intervention.'

This workshop focused on these two key areas:

 - Getting the fundamental use cases right to drive engagement

 - Integrating additional services / functionalities to incentivise users (patients) to behave in a different way

Blake got all the participants to break into groups and carry out some exercises based on their own contexts in healthcare, thinking specifically about the topics above. It was a great workshop with highly engaged healthcare professionals thinking about using design to ultimately improve the experience and health of individual patients.

Aside from the workshop, Blake was also a panelist on the subject of 'Turning citizens into healthcare consumers', a fascinating conversation that included many people from the audience with questions and comments.

With so much experience in healthcare, we are delighted to have been involved in such a big engaging event.

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