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Zinc facilitates 'Wearable Technologies' Picnic
- may. 2017 -

Due to our extensive experience in designing wearable systems, Zinc was asked to help facilitate an event in Barcelona in collaboration with the global event organiser, Wearable Technologies.

WT Picnic is a global initiative to hold local events in cities around the world during May, and our event will take place at Mobile World Centre on 29th May.

We organised the event and chose the speakers. We are also particularly excited to showcase our current collaboration with Elisava Design & Engineering School in Barcelona. We are working with three different students on three different wearable concepts, all of them specifically focused on using Smart textiles.

Apart from our collaborations, there are some other great speakers talking about their different projects. You can get the full programme for the event here:

Wardrobe Innovation: what will we wear in the future?