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Why Experience Design is crucial in marketing
- nov. 2017 -

Graham, Cofounder of Zinc, is excited to be a keynote speaker at the conference ‘Tech Experience’ in Barcelona on 22nd November. 

 The conference is focused on a combination of Tech Innovation and Digital Marketing, so Graham will be talking about a slightly new topic from Zinc’s perspective:

Why Experience Design is becoming crucial to marketers

As technology continues to influence human behaviours, the relationship between brands and consumers becomes more complex and harder to manage. Brands are having to become more tech savvy, and cleverer in how they engage consumers, especially with the growing trend of people preferring to spend money on life experiences than owning new things. Marketing is much more than communication now, it’s increasingly about engagement, conversation and two way interactions across both the physical & digital worlds. We will show how new technologies and changing human behaviours make 'Experience Design' a crucial element of the marketing mix.

There are a lot of fascinating talks covering areas such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Gamification and Digital Transformation. Should be a really fun event in the old Estrella factory. Any friends / partners of Zinc who wish to attend the conference, we have a limited allocation of free tickets, so please get in touch if you’re interested.

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