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Wardrobe Innovation: what will we wear in the future?
- abr. 2017 -

Graham, CoFounder of Zinc, is really excited to be hosting a panel on wardrobe innovation at a big tech / innovation event in Amsterdam called the Uprise Festival this week. 

There is so much happening in terms of innovation around apparel and wearable technology, it’s fascinating to think about what we will all be wearing in the years to come.

At Zinc, we have worked on several wearable tech projects (including design of hardware & software) and we’ve also been working with a major apparel company for the last couple of years, helping them to define innovation opportunities across all sorts of topics. (ranging from personalisation to winter running solutions).
Just looking at the panelists Graham will be hosting, we can get a snapshot of the diverse range of amazing things happening in this space:

Julia van Zanten (Co-Founder of Lifesense Group):  Lifesense has produced a complete system –  - for helping women solve urinary incontinence. This includes their own special design of underwear and a sensor device and mobile app to track and guide them through the solution process. (Zinc was honoured to work with them on this project).

Zoe Philpott of Philpott Design: Zoe has been behind the design of an amazing dress infused with LED lights, the centre piece of her theatrical show about Ada Lovelace:
Ada wrote what has been described as the first ever computer algorithm for the ‘Analytical Engine’, a forerunner to the current computer.

Kasper Brandi Petersen: Kasper has recently had the most successful Dutch crowdfunding campaign ever for his amazing innovation with shirts that don’t stain:
Check out his company, pretty impressive!

Joost Alferink: CoFounder of , a platform for people to buy personalised shoes with 3D scans of their feet. At Zinc, we have looked into the personalisation market quite a lot and we think it has huge potential.

It’s not often innovation events cover the general topic of our wardrobes, so Graham is really honoured to be hosting this fascinating panel. Some of the questions he wants to bring up will be along these lines:

- Why is wearable tech still very niche? What will be the tipping point to make it go mainstream?
 - Is the fashion industry slow to innovate? Is this holding back adoption of new wearable innovations for everyone?
 - Will personalisation be the next big thing in clothing? (Comfort, individuality, self-expression, storytelling)

The panelists will no doubt have some interesting thoughts on the topic in general so we will follow up with a summary of the best insights that come out of the discussion.

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