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Zinc takes part in 4YFN @ Mobile World Congress
- feb. 2016 -

We’re looking forward to taking part in the 4YFN (4 Years From Now) program for startups that’s now become a major part of MWC (Mobile World Congress) week in Barcelona. With the inclusion of 4YFN, MWC week has now evolved into one of the biggest celebrations of technology innovation in the global annual calendar.

We will be running a workshop at 4YFN called 

We will be helping startups to think about what role design should play for them when growing their business and looking for investment. Having immersed ourselves in the startup world and collaborated with a number of them during different stages of their growth path, we understand what emphasis to put on design at different stages and for what reason.

Firstly, there’s evidence to show that design-centered companies outperform the market but you don’t necessarily need great designers or lots of money to begin your ‘design centered’ journey. Furthermore, it’s not just about outperforming the market in the long term but the role design can play in securing investment in the short term.

We will use examples to show how different design processes can help you reach different levels of investment, from seed funding to Series A, and why you don’t always need to hire designers to get you started. The process of design  - or ‘Design Thinking’ as it is often called now – not only can help build a compelling story but sometimes will actually end up defining your core business model.

This promises to be a fun interactive workshop in which we will invite startups to voice their own situations so we can find tailored solutions together

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