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Would Kids Design Their Clothes if They Could?
- ago. 2016 -


Our client is a global company that has developed printing technology that can print designs around the entire garment, NOT just a flat print on the front of a t-shirt. This has opened up whole new opportunities to allow people to create their own designs online for all types of clothes in completely new ways, and then get their personalised clothes delivered to them.

The company is now in the process of developing a revolutionary new online service that will enable children (Aged 4-9) to use a fun online toolkit to create designs for their clothes. This new service will be developed as a joint activity to be done with parents or teachers, whereby they get to have fun being really creative, but they also get something that’s both cool (in their eyes at least) and functional to wear at the end of it. Once the design is completed and paid for, the item of clothing will be delivered in days.

In preparation for the full design and development of this service, we are looking to speak with parents and children aged 4-9 (but open to other ages if you think this sounds like fun for your kid) to get ourselves inspired and informed about how to make this service really compelling and intuitive for both parents and children. We will provide a basic prototype to simulate the service so that the kids can play with it too.

We will be conducting interviews in New York during the period of September 19th – October 2nd, and we are offering compensation of $100 for your time. Please contact to register your interest and get further information.

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