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We're Hiring: Insights Lead
- ago. 2016 -

Zinc is a Design & Innovation Lab that partners with both major brands and startups around the world to frame innovation opportunities and design both physical and digital experiences that solve problems, delight people and create value. We take a holistic human approach to design & innovation and we combine that with our curiosity for technology, often working in emerging technology spaces like Wearable tech, IoT, Robotics, Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and more. 

With research being such a crucial component of our offering, we are looking for an Insights Lead to lead our research projects and help frame innovation / design opportunities.

Key responsibilities:

 - Strategic lead of research projects, collaborate with client to advise and finalise scope

 - Lead the development of discussion guides and research protocol for qualitative ethnographic research / user interviews / user testing / focus groups / workshops etc

 - Conduct research in the field  (prepared to travel a lot)

 - Lead the synthesis with the team to distill information & data into key insights and relevant conclusions / strategic recommendations

 - Lead the development of the Insights Report

Nature of the role

 - Very flexible in how the role could be fulfilled. (Could be a lot of working from home if needed)

 - Full time role but open to a short contract in the short term if preferred

 - Salary dependent on experience.


  - At least 5 years experience as a researcher (design / innovation focused much more preferable than marketing background). International experience of conducting research in different cultures would be ideal.

 - Prepare to travel when necessary (will be significant travel involved)

 - Comfortable working in a fast-paced team environment with multiple ongoing projects

 - Knowledge and interest in our field

We have an amazing team of talented people who collaborate well, and always looking to help each other out. Zinc's vision is to be a truly world renowned Design & Innovation lab rethinking the status quo, designing amazing experiences and collaborating with ambitious innovators, technologists and businesses.

If you want to join a great team of people working on a diverse range of amazing projects in a really cool studio in the centre of Barcelona, then we want to hear from you. Please 'Get in touch

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