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The Secret of Winning Awards at CES...World's Biggest Innovation Event
- nov. 2016 -

It’s that time of year again when we start preparing for the world’s biggest global tech innovation event, CES.  Companies from around the globe with their latest innovations…all demonstrating, displaying and discussing the next big thing…it’s like Disney World for technophiles!

Of course, there’s nothing like winning awards at the biggest innovation event of the year, but how does one stand out against so much competition..??

Well the special sauce seems to be collaborating with Zinc :-)

We’re very proud of our client, Momit, a growing consumer focused IoT company, who are one of a few select winners of the CES 2017 Innovation Honoree awards in the Smart Home category with their product, Momit Cool.

We designed the Momit Cool system (inluding the device and the mobile application) that redefines the air conditioning experience in the home. It essentially turns AC units into intelligent devices with machine learning, and the major benefits include a far superior user experience (controlling and programming units with the mobile app we designed), as well as really enabling much better efficiency, saving energy and costs. Full case study here.

It’s a great honour for Momit, and of course they deserve the credit, not us…


It just so happens that last year, another one of our clients won the most prestigious startup award there is. Well at least it is the biggest startup competition in the world…the Extreme Tech Challenge. The competition is done in partnership with CES and the overall winner is chosen by Richard Branson on his private island.

Bloomlife - a new wearable system for tracking pregnancy -  beat over 3000 applicants to get crowned by Richard Branson. It was a huge award for them. We spent nearly a year working with Bloom, initially doing ethnographic research to really understand the needs / desires of pregnant mothers, before going on to design the device and mobile app. (not the test product they have been using of late). Full case study here.

So, for any company out there looking to stand out against competition with world class design across either hardware or software….you know where to come!

Full credit to our clients, we’re just very proud they chose us to help them.

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