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The Game Changing Innovation That Nobody is Talking About…
- ene. 2016 -

Imagine if we had unlimited clean energy that couldn’t be hijacked and controlled by the powers that be.

At this time of year, the technology innovation world becomes engrossed with the CES show in Las Vegas, where the latest in virtual reality, self driving cars and passenger drones are currently stealing the headlines. Likewise, journalists and bloggers flood the web with their innovation projections for the year ahead. It’s all very fun and interesting, but there’s something far more revolutionary quietly happening that nobody is talking about….and it’s happening in the world of energy.

First, a quick reminder of the context in which this is happening. Until now, the world has been largely powered by different fossil fuels. In fact, the giant leaps forward we’ve taken since the turn of the 20th century have been done on a platform of cheap crude oil.

Almost everything we take for granted now – travel (cars, planes, trains), transport (shipping, cargo, commercial trade), manufacturing & production (clothes, appliances, food, etc) have all been massively boosted through the discovery of vast supplies of easily accessible crude oil. Or at least there were vast supplies, making it relatively cheap, and therefore highly transformative.

However, the benefits also come at a great cost. By being a natural finite resource unequally distributed in geographical regions, crude oil has become the most sought after resource in the world. The consequences tend to be conflict and war, not forgetting the huge environmental implications too.

Although renewable energy has made some strides in recent years, we’ve only made a very small dent in the overall architecture of our energy supplies. The world continues to be dominated by fossil fuels and nuclear energy…But is that all about to change?

Imagine how different the world might be if fossil fuels became effectively worthless. Imagine if we had unlimited clean energy that couldn’t be hijacked and controlled by the powers that be. Not only would the motivation for war be significantly reduced, but it would just change society in so many ways that it’s hard to know where to start.

Everything that we know today would just become dramatically cheaper. Ocean water could be converted to drinking water and cheaply distributed. Deserts could be converted into fertile farms. Exploring the universe through space travel would become a reality. In short, it would fuel the next major wave of human innovation.

So is that just a pipe dream or is this possible? Well, perhaps 2016 will be the year that’s remembered as the turning point.

While nuclear fusion is generally regarded as the main contender for paradigm change (unlimited clean energy), we’re some way off this being reality, despite some big steps forward in recent times.

However, there are many smaller initiatives going on globally, all trying to defy one of the key laws of physics: ‘the conservation of energy’. In doing so, they hope to create free energy – known as ‘overunity’ – something that has largely believed to be impossible until now. The specific law of physics dictates that “energy cannot be created or destroyed”, it can only be changed from one form to another, and therefore you cannot create more energy than you use to transform it.

Overunity is the concept of generating more energy than you put in to create it, therefore effectively creating free energy. Naturally, the mainstream science community has been very skeptical about this.

However, there is one small company in Ireland that has stood out from all the others, and we – the public – are about to find out whether they have indeed cracked it. They claim their technology defies the laws of physics and their first products are about to be shipped to the outside world, where they will be tested and dissected.

We’ve been keeping an eye on these guys (from afar) for years. The company is called Steorn, and they have a technology called Orbo. They claim Orbo creates overunity using magnetic fields, generating a perpetual energy output. Their first products with Orbo tech are a USB charger and a simple mobile phone, and neither of them will ever need to be plugged in, charged, or have batteries replaced. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Maybe it is, but their site is now live, and their first small limited run of products went on sale just before Christmas. Due to the small numbers, the products are expensive, but the chargers have already sold out, and the first customers should be receiving their products in the coming weeks.

So, very soon we should find out whether the whole thing is a huge scam or whether a major game-changing breakthrough has been made. To provide a little context, Steorn have been beavering away at this for many years now, regularly interacting with the public and the scientific community, providing live demonstrations, and raising a lot of money from private investors along the way. This isn’t some new technology that’s just turned up on a website. However, they have never convinced the mainstream scientists that their technology is genuine. So…as the english saying goes…”the proof is in the pudding”.

If these products do indeed get shipped and they work, the ramifications will be massive. Steorn say they will focus on the mobile consumer electronics industry and claim to have a Smartphone in the pipeline. The potential is enormous, not just in mobile phones but the whole ‘Internet of Things’ space. At Zinc we know from our own work in this area how much much of a constraint batteries are, so even on a micro level, this would be a huge step forward.

The bigger picture though is even more mind blowing. Throughout history, conventional scientific theory has been challenged, and occasionally a whole new era of scientific understanding takes hold. If Orbo technology turns out to be the real deal, we are at the dawn of a new revolutionary era of energy. If cheap fossil fuels have been the bedrock of innovation and human advancement over the last hundred years, imagine how unlimited free energy could propel humanity going forward. That’s not to say Orbo is the answer in itself but it certainly changes the paradigm and opens the doors to a new understanding of how we power our world.
Back at the CES show in Las Vegas, I know some other energy companies have been making waves too.Intelligent Energy has developed hydrogen fuel cell batteries that will be used in the iPhone in the near future, enabling a week of use without charging. That in itself is a great leap forward, but if Orbo does what they claim, history will have been made and the laws of physics will need to be rewritten. If the opposite is true, Steorn had better get themselves a good lawyer!

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