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Ride in your own style! Design your gear!
- ago. 2016 -

Research participants required for customised skate/surf/urban-wear innovation.

Our client is a global company that has developed a printing technology that can print designs around the entire garment, NOT just a flat print on the front of a t-shirt. This has opened up whole new opportunities to allow people to create their own designs online for all types of clothes in completely new ways, and then get their personalised clothes delivered to them.

The company is now developing a revolutionary online platform that would allow anyone who likes to get creative with their clothes to play around and become their own designers. We are especially excited about how the skaters, surfers, graffiti artists and the other free spirited urban explorers can interact with this empowering new online platform.

For this reason, we are reaching out to board riders, street artists and anyone who likes that style and feel to help us during the final development of the product. If the description fits you, your insight can help us creating a tool that you would have a blast using in the future! We will provide a basic prototype to simulate the service, so you get a better feel for the product.

We will be conducting interviews in New York (September 19th – October 2nd) and Los Angeles (October 3rd -16th)  and we are offering a compensation of $100 for your time. Please contact to register your interest and get further information.

You already look good, now look UNIQUE!