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Research participants required for Menopause study
- mar. 2016 -

Our client - a major international company -  is striving to develop innovative solutions that can help women going through menopause.

We are looking for women who are either going through perimenopause (approximate ages: 40-50) or post menopause (approximate ages: 50-65) that would be willing to participate in individual private interviews (1-2 hours) conducted by professional female researchers during the timeframe of 4th April – 22nd April in London. Absolute privacy and confidentiality are guaranteed.

We will be trying to get a deeper understanding of symptoms and different contexts so that our client can develop new ways through clothing / accessories / technology to help alleviate symptoms and make affected women’s lives easier on an everyday basis.

We are offering a financial incentive of £80 for their time.

If you are interested please contact me on Linked In or my female colleague, Iska Staffler:

For those not familiar with Zinc, we are a Design & Innovation Lab that partner with businesses to help frame innovation opportunities and design new products and services. 

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