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How Design Creates Value That Investors Love
- ago. 2016 -

Blake McEldowney, Co-Founder of Zinc, is delighted to be speaking at the largest community dedicated to startups and entrepreneurship in Spain. Barcelona Internet Startups is also part of the Global Internet Startups group that has about 70,000 members in 150 cities globally.

Building on a workshop that he and Graham Rittener conducted at the 4YFN startup festival during Mobile World Congress 2016, his talk ‘How Design Creates Value That Investors Love’ will talk about the different roles that design can play in helping startups secure investment.

Depending on where a startup is in their lifecycle, and what level of investment they are seeking, the role of design can vary both in how its perceived and implemented. Using real examples of Zinc’s experience working with startups, Blake will lay out the landscape and provide clear guidance to startups on how they can adopt design into their overall approach to getting the necessary funds for growing their business.

The talk will take place on 21st September and the full details of the talk can be found here:

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