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Zinc appoints Digital Experience Lead!
- oct. 2014 -

We are delighted to announce that we have appointed Raffaele Adinolfi as our new Digital Experience Lead. 

Having collaborated with Raffa most of this year on several initiatives, including the Wearable mobile App we've been working on (soon to be released), we decided that Raffa could play an important role in leading our digital offer in conjunction with Blake. 

We've had great feedback from our clients, not just in terms of thinking and his work, but also the way he collaborates and responds to our clients' needs. 

As Zinc continues to explore both the physical & digital worlds to find new ways of bringing exciting innovations to the market, Raffa will help us not just with our clients' requirements but also Zinc's own ambitions to create compelling new products and services.

Cheers Raffa!!

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