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Interested in Attending a Robot Workshop?
- nov. 2014 -

As outlined in a previous post (we provide more background to the topic), Zinc will be running a workshop to explore how robots might become integrated into families and the home environment.

The objective of this workshop will be to bring together a whole range of perspectives to stimulate discussion and interactive exercises, whilst also having a lot of fun. The workshop will be attended by a range of different people, both involved in the world of robots already and those who are not. 

We are deliberately keeping a few places open in case anyone would like to attend. Please do get in touch if you’re interested. We can promise it will be really stimulating and a lot of fun! 

The general agenda for the workshop will be along these lines with at least a couple of breaks:

  • Introduction to all attending the workshop (30 mins)
  • Short introduction to Zinc (30 mins)
  • Presentation & general discussion around opportunities / constraints for robots in the home (1 hour)
  • Break out exercises: Split into groups to discuss opportunities around specific areas: health, DIY, education, etc (45 mins)
  • Share out & discussion (30 mins)
  • Break out exercise: Split into groups: Define & illustrate a real robot opportunity in the family / home environment. (45 mins)
  • Share out with drinks & food (30 mins)
Will Robots Become Part of the Family?