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Buy gifts here and support an amazing charity in Sierra Leone!
- nov. 2014 -

As a Design & Innovation Lab in Barcelona, Zinc is normally focused on partnering with people to innovate and design better experiences for humanity globally. We work a lot with new technologies and help companies to design new products & services that will improve peoples’ lives. 

However, we decided to do something a bit more lighthearted and fun for the festive season. Inspired by Origami and Tangram, we created some quirky fun designs for T-Shirts (our ‘Zanimal' and ‘Zobot' collection), that we think could make great presents (children and adults), and we are using a platform based in the US called Teespring to facilitate a short campaign for an online T-Shirt store. 

What started out as a bit of fun for us, has turned into something with a bigger philanthropic cause. In the spirit of the holiday season, we would like to support an amazing charity in Sierra Leone called Educaid. 

We will donate $3 for every T-Shirt sold to Educaid. 

Once we’ve paid our extra support team to help manage the process, Zinc will not make any money at all, and has contributed time and effort to the designs and organisation of the campaign. These are really tough times in Sierra Leone right now, what with the spread of Ebola. 

So, we ask you to PLEASE think about buying a present or two from our store, and PLEASE spread the word. For those based outside the US, we apologise that there is an extra price for shipping. 

If you can afford it and feel inclined, it obviously makes more sense to buy more than one product to make it worthwhile. In order that the T-Shirts get made and delivered, we need to reach a minimum number of orders for each design. If a specific design doesn't reach that number, it won't be made and your order will NOT be activated and no money will be charged for that selection. 

URGENT: THE ONLINE STORE IS ONLY ACTIVE FOR 2 WEEKS (FINISHING DECEMBER 8TH), because we had to allow enough time for the T-Shirts to arrive in time for Christmas. 

Therefore, PLEASE buy presents now and PLEASE spread the word now!! 

Here is the link to the store, there are different styles (round neck and V-neck) and different sizes and they all come in both grey and white: 

Below is a link to Educaid, run by Miriam Mason, who has received an MBE for her incredible efforts in Sierra Leone. Miriam is a cousin of Graham Rittener, one of the Partners of Zinc:

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