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Enabling data collection with beautiful design

During our six month role as the Product Development partner at Cognicity - the major Smart City program in London - we mentored a range of startups including Puckily.

They set out to build gateway sensor packages that can be installed in relevant places within buildings to collate all types of data. Puckily’s vision was to collaborate with another startup – Asset Mapping – that has built software to aggregate and analyse relevant data for building management and other relevant users / stakeholders.

We collaborated with Puckily to design simple beautiful aluminium devices. They have no screens but can provide basic feedback like temperature using the lighting mechanism we installed inside the device that illuminate the small holes on the surface.

Puckily went on to be a Cognicity winner in its track, with the promise of a pilot scheme on the Canary Wharf estate.

Device designs being presented at Cognicity pitch competition

We created simple branding for Puckily based on the device

Exploration of different sensor devices

Exploration of different sensor devices

Puckily functional prototype

Ambient lighting effect and matrix display

Ambient lighting effect and matrix display