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Making air-conditioning 'COOL'!

Momit is an emerging global brand that’s innovating for the ‘Connected Home’. Having launched a range of smart thermostats, they wanted a new iconic design for their latest product.

We collaborated with them to design a new system – Momit Cool - including a device and mobile application, that redefines the AC (Air Conditioning) experience in the home. The system turns AC units into ‘Smart’ devices that can be controlled and optimised to be both more economical and environmental whilst providing a much enhanced experience for the user.

We designed a unique looking device that can be simply attached to any standard AC unit on the wall. The mobile app we designed provides step by step instructions for simple setup use, whilst at the same time providing full control over the unit, eliminating the need to use the original remote control.

We worked closely with the engineers of Momit to optimse the PCB board and condense the various elements of the electronics into the smallest possible hardware package.

We designed a simple intuitive App that gives the user far more control, and opportunity for real optimisation: a better user experience and significant financial savings. These are just a few of the features:

  • SMART - the system gets to know your habits over time and can optimise usage automatically according to your daily routines
  • MY BUDGET - You can set a monthly budget and the system will optimise usage accordingly
  • SCHEDULE - You can also program each device to your own specific schedule
  • GEOLOCATION - You can control the system remotely with your App but the system can also automatically turn on or off based on your location