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Enhancing city life with robots

Cities are complex organisms that require flexible mobile ways of providing real time information to the public, either to enrich peoples’ lives or reduce disruption.

We conceived a new type of mobile urban robot that could be rapidly deployed to deliver context specific information when you need it most without having to search on your phone.

Balancing with ball bot tech

Using ball bot technology (see below), MIU can roam different types of terrain in a perfectly balanced way. Having no large wheels, it is accessible for people to get close and interact. It also has lights to clearly indicate its presence to the public.

Navigation with sensor tech

MIU is integrated with a large array of sensors, enabling it to navigate in a fully autonomous way, or alternatively, in a semi autonomous way with a central control system giving the orders.

Flexibility of the digital UI

The robot has a large screen interface that can be used to communicate vital information such as alternative transport routes or real time advice from the public via social media. It could even be used for temporary signage or emergency traffic lights.

Events in the city often require extra signage for both the participants and the audience.

Airports can be stressful, and the information desk can often be
the other end of the airport to where you might be at the time.

Accidents and emergencies can be highly disruptive. MIU could be rapidly deployed to provide information
to drivers on the length of disruption and alternative routes.

Some events need more than mobile apps, they need real time information
that can help people go with the flow of the moment.

There is a clear gap in the urban landscape for delivering real time mobile contextual information.