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Poaching Eggs to Perfection

As part of our long term relationship with the global kitchenware brand – Lékué - we were asked to help them innovate for some specific markets, the US being one of them. 

With different cultures come different eating habits, and we set out to conceive and design some innovative new products tailored for the US market. One of those products turned out to be a new simple way to cook and serve a breakfast favourite for so many Americans: Poached eggs. 

The journey began by getting ourselves immersed in US culture and their eating habits.

It was clear from our research that there were no effective products on the market for poaching eggs.

For the ideal poached eggs, you need to create a vortex in the boiling water, which is how we got inspired by a typical spinning top for the shape of the product. It also became clear that a sieve inspired vessel would be ideal for draining the water.

We went through a process of prototyping and testing with different materials and designs until we got to the ultimate design that would sell at the right price point.

Perfect poached eggs never got easier. Just filter out the excess water from the egg white through the mesh, pop the yolk into the vessel, close the top, boil for a few minutes and when it's taken out, the water automatically drains and you have perfect poached eggs ready for eating.

We are delighted to hear that this product is already selling extremely well in the US and Europe.

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