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A journey to rethink the kitchen

We began a journey in 2015 to help the growing international kitchen brand – Lékué – rethink the kitchen experience through the design of innovative new tools and utensils. It would be the beginning of a long term collaboration that will continue indefinitely.

Having built their business on silicone based products, it was time to move beyond the silicone focus to develop a broader range of user-centered products - with a mix of fun and functionality - that caters for today’s diversified styles of food preparation & cooking.

The maraca-style dressing shaker is one of the stars of the first range of products.


The idea was to create a fun easy way to make salad dressings. The shaker easily unscrews so you can add the different salad dressing ingredients before shaking. The transparent vessel enables the full visual effect of the colourful ingredients.


There is a little ball inside the shaker that really helps mix & emulsify the ingredients. After a good shake in true maraca style, the ingredients will be beautifully mixed together ready to pour over your salad.


The shapely elegant design means the shaker is a great addition to the dinner table, ready for serving. The spout is designed to allow finely chopped herbs to pour out, or hold in larger pieces for further flavour enhancement.

For Lékué’s first range of real cooking tools, we needed to design some simple essential tools along with some more innovative fun ones that cater for the new cooking styles that people are adopting in today’s world.


A key aspect of developing the tool range was to design genuine ergonomic handles that would be used across all tools in the future. After much iterating and testing, we reached a design that would be comfortable and flexible for all purposes. It’s large enough for good gripping and yet with a useful hole for hanging up.


Lékué’s product portfolio until now had not included specific cooking tools so it was important to add some simple tools like spatulas to their portfolio. The focus here was more on attention to detail, in a quest for perfect form and function.

Innovative & Fun

Research into peoples’ cooking habits identified a whole range of dishes that people are increasingly trying at home, and yet without the ideal tools for such purposes. For example, we designed a roller ball ladle that’s ideal for spreading tomato sauce on your home made pizzas and two spatulas that join together to form tongs, great for home grilling.

We designed a unique chopping board that provides extra peace of mind and safety. It includes a special mechanism on the board that holds the knife in place, eliminating dangers of slipping, so it’s ideal for kids or anyone with limited abilities.

We have conceived and designed many products for Lékué over the years: