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Taking comfort wherever you go

Having collaborated with the growing IoT brand, Momit, with the design of their Momit Cool system, we were hired to design a new iconic product – Momit Bevel - for their domestic Smart Thermostat portfolio.

With the Smart Thermostat market becoming increasingly competitive, our challenge was to come up with something truly unique. The result is a groundbreaking design that allows people to remove the display unit from the wall unit and take it anywhere in the house, enabling them to prioritise the temperature where the display is located, not just the location of the original wall unit. 

Thinking about every moment of the user experience, we also designed it with a low power E Ink screen that rotates the digital display for the user, whichever way the unit is placed.

A low power E Ink screen minimises energy consumption 

Detachable display is attached to wall unit with magnets

Other key features regarding the design of Bevel include:

  • APP CONTROLLED – the accompanying App allows you to control Bevel from your phone
  • SMART – The system gets to know your habits over time and can optimise usage automatically according to your daily routines.
  • MY BUDGET – Set your own monthly budget 
  • GEOLOCATION – You can turn on the heating from anywhere so the house is warm before you arrive.
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